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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Vacation

My husband and I decided that we would take a family vacation for a couple of days. We had received free tickets to Universal Studios of Orlando Florida and that seemed like the perfect vacation! We got a great deal on the hotel room, so away we went. We left on a Thursday and went to the parks on Friday. We had an excellent time! The kids love doing just about anything, as long as it involves mom and dad! We brought along my little sister, who is 17 so I guess that really doesn't classify her as little anymore! They run this program called "baby swap" which I think is fantastic. For the rides that the kids were too little to enjoy, you all just wait in line and when it is your turn, on person from your group goes to the "baby room" and waits for the other adults to get off the ride. When the ride is over you go meet up in the baby room and the person who waited can now go to the front of the line with another person from your group and ride the ride. It made the trip very easy. The kids especially loved all of the rides in Dr. Seuss Land! They were laughing at everything. I absolutely love to hear my kids laugh, it is the best sound in the world I think.

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